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The enby with
the tattoo machine

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The shop

Unfortunately, as far as we know there is nos such thing as a tattoo shop called "The enby with the tattoo machine" in Long Beach, CA.

We made it up for this demo website. You could call it a wish fulfillment demo. But this page would be the perfect place to talk about your shop spirit, show off your interior design or talk about hygiene and safety.

You could also talk about your history, or your attachement to a specific community. Basically, a great place fo storytelling.

The artist

Here is where you talk about the specific artists. If you have several artists with different specialties you could to a paragraph for each one of you.

And now the rest of the text will be latin gibberish. Lorem ipsum dolor sit amet, consectetur adipiscing elit. Suspendisse tempor ac magna a tempor. In vestibulum odio et ligula mollis scelerisque. Nunc bibendum nunc ac augue ultrices, nec lacinia est tincidunt. 

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